1 Lb. & 5 Lb. Fat Replicas & 1 Lb. & 5 Lb. Muscle Replicas


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Dramatic, three- dimensional visual replicas that visually and realistically portray body fat and muscle. The muscle replica is designed to show the muscle configuration developed through exercise. The soft, pliable fat replica, when passed around the room, will have a profound and memorable effect, serving as a strong but motivating attention-getter. The muscle replica represents accurate weight and volume. The fat replica represents approximate volume of fatty tissue; weights vary. Both are made of long-lasting vinyl plastic.

Includes 1-lb. Fat Replica (WA14533G), 5-lb. Fat Replica (WA04313G), 1-lb. Muscle Replica (WA14573U/Our SKU A-101872) and 5-lb. Muscle Replica (WA24038U/Our SKU A-101933).

Made in the USA by Nasco. Please note that there is only an 18% difference in the volume of fat vs. muscle, so the visual impact is not dramatic. Nasco developed this product in coordination with the University of Wisconsin and the product is renowned for its accuracy.

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MPN WA25815U
Product FAQ

Q: How much of a difference is there in size between the fat replica and the muscle replica?
A: There is an 18% difference in volume between the fat and muscle replicas.  Please note that the visual impact of 18% is not dramatic.

Q:  I used to have fat and muscle replicas that showed a bigger difference.  How do I know that yours are accurate?
A:  Nasco (the manufacturer of these models) designed these replicas in coordination with the University of Wisconsin.  These replicas are renowned for their accuracy and accurate volumes can be proven with any standard volume test, such as a water displacement test.

Warranty Period 5 Year Warranty
Best Uses Patient Consultation
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