Digestive Models

3B Scientific Digestive System Models

For fully detailed and accurate visual depictions of the digestive system, look no further than the 3B Scientific models. The brand who brought ‘Stan’ the classic skeleton model to the general public, is also brining world-class, top-quality, and life-like models of the human digestive system. Teach about the human digestive anatomy without being at a loss of visual assistance or inform your patients exactly where the anomaly lies with the help of digestive system models. These can be used for medical education, practical skills training, classroom teaching or even a science-themed party!

Choose from a wide variety of human stomach anatomy models, depicting illnesses of the esophagus, micro-anatomy of the digestive system and much more. All digestive models are priced for your school’s or medical facility’s   budget. Shop now and add the missing link to your educational expertise.