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3DyourSCAN Personalized Anatomy Models

 Standard 3DyourSCAN Printed Models                 Professional  3DyourSCAN Printed Models


What are 3DyourSCAN Printed Models?

Groundbreaking presentations in anatomy models are here, brought to life through 3D Printing.  Using commonly available medical imaging (such as CT and MRI imaging), we can 3D print unique, vibrant, and accurate anatomical models based on specific patient data.  Ideal for a variety of applications, namely, surgical planning and patient education, 3DyourSCAN printed models are changing the future of medical education, discovery, and healthcare success rates.

Available in Standard or Professional options, 3DyourSCAN printed models are another AnatomyWarehouse exclusive.  Read more about these game-changing anatomy models, and the differences between Standard and Professional options, here on our website.