3DyourSCAN 3D Printed Anatomy Models

Introducing 3DyourSCAN Printed Models, the latest in surgical planning and patient education tools, exclusively brought to you by AnatomyWarehouse and powered by WhiteClouds 3D Printing.

What is the difference between Standard 3DyourSCAN Models, and Professional 3DyourSCAN Models?

In a nutshell, Standard 3DyourSCAN models are printed directly from CT and/or MRI data supplied by a client.  They are 100% personalized to the patient the CT or MRI data comes from, and are an economical choice for producing a totally unique, fully personalized anatomical model.  Professional 3DyourSCAN models are also printed from CT and/or MRI data supplied by a client, but with the addition of moderate to extensive collaborative design work.  Professional 3DyourSCAN models offer a broad range of design and print options, and an almost limitless range of applications.

Standard 3DyourSCAN Models are models that are designed and printed directly from CT and/or MRI data, and do not include any collaborative design consultations.  Clients simply order the desired organ or body part on our website, send in their CT or MRI data, and we will print the model directly from the medical imaging file.  These models are ideal for clients who want a completely personalized replica of their own anatomy, or the anatomy of a loved one.

Professional 3DyourSCAN Models are models that are designed and printed from CT and/or MRI data, and require collaborative design consultation with the client and our design team.  Clients order the desired organ or body part on our website, and will be contacted to collect both the CT or MRI data, as well as the desired level of segmentation and customization that is required for the model.

Professional 3DyourSCAN Models are available in four print options:

1. Color, Print Ready
2. Transparent, Print Ready
3. Color, Full Segmentation
4. Transparent, Full Segmentation

Print Ready models are the ideal choice for professionals who need a custom organ or body part, based on CT or MRI data, and require additional design work such as the addition of a tumor, aneurysm, or enlargement of normal anatomy.

Full Segmentation models are the ideal choice for professionals who need a completely customized organ or body part, based on CT or MRI data, and require extensive design consultation to develop a model with expanded anatomical detail, such as the opening of a cranial cavity, removal or additional of select anatomical parts, or demonstration capabilities for medical device use and testing.

Standard 3DyourSCAN Printed Models

Standard 3DyourSCAN models bring your unique anatomy to life through the process of 3D printing.  Looking at our standard anatomy models, have you ever wondered what your own skull, brain, or heart looks like?  Are you preparing for a knee replacement surgery?  Are you a proud cancer survivor?  3DyourSCAN models make it possible to replicate, with incredible detail and accuracy, your personal anatomy.  So before or after your knee surgery, print a copy of your knee to show your friends and family (and surgeon!) how you’re able to climb stairs with ease again.  Print a copy of the tumor you heroically conquered, and share your survival story with others to inspire and educate.  Be informed about your body and health like you’ve never been before, when you work with your doctor collaboratively with one of our 3DyourSCAN models.  Or just print your own skull for the joy of seeing yourself in a totally new perspective!  With 3DyourSCAN printed models, your unique anatomy can be a unique hand-held anatomy model with limitless applications.  Before you go under the knife, insist your surgeon is aware of the benefits of surgical planning models - nothing prepares surgeons for the unexpected, like knowing exactly what to expect.

Professional 3DyourSCAN Printed Models

Knowing your clients inside and out is a life-or-death proposition, and preparation is critical.  With Professional 3DyourSCAN models, we bring your patients unique anatomy to life with the power of professional grade 3D printing.  Initially based on CT or MRI data you provide, and through an exhaustive collaboration with our design team, we will bring your patient's anatomy to life in a way unlike anything you’ve worked with before.  Computerized simulations and medical imaging are fantastic diagnostic tools, but nothing compares to holding a patient’s heart in your hands before scrubbing in for surgery.  Patients are more informed about their health than ever before, so instill confidence in your patients by educating them with a model of their very own anatomy.  Take the guess work out of the O.R. by studying the unique anatomy of your patient with our Professional 3DyourSCAN printed models today!