4D Vision Giraffe Anatomy Puzzle


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Instantly recognizable due to its extremely long neck, the giraffe is the tallest land-dwelling animal currently living. While they are native to Africa, they have been the subject of a variety of international paintings, books, even cartoons, dating back to ancient times. The ancient Egyptians kept them as pets, and the Romans also collected and displayed them. Even today, these gorgeous animals feature in modern art, such as that of Salvador Dali, and even as the mascot for a popular toy store.

Kids and adults will both enjoy putting this 14.5 inch model together. It is made of 27 individually hand-painted parts, and includes a display stand. The included assembly guide offers additional information about the giraffes life, habits, and some fun facts, plus a quiz to test your knowledge. The finished puzzle makes a great decoration for a kids room, too! The model's parts include:

--Long tail
--Fore legs
--Hind Legs
--Tail tuft
--Cervical Vertebrae

While this model has a reasonable level of detail, it is intended for younger audiences, and will not satisfy those looking for an advanced model. If you are interested in something more advanced, or are not sure if this model is right for you, please contact our support team.

Designed for children 8 years and up. Made by Tedco Toys.

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