7 Zoology Anatomy Model Activity


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The 7-Model Zoology Activity Set is an anatomy activity set from American Educational Products and manufactured in the United States. This anatomy set introduces seven dissection models shown in raised relief: Crayfish, Frog, Earthworm, Grasshopper, Perc, Clam, Fetal Pig. Each anatomy model is constructed by durable vinyl, and illustrates internal structures in graphic detail. All models are accompanied by a 3-ring notebook that includes instructor background information, basic student understandings, learner activities, glossary, color transparencies, black line master, and a key to model structures. This activity set is best used for student education. The 7-Model Zoology Activity Set is 24.0 x 17.7 in and weighs 19.40 lbs.
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Best Uses Medical Education, Practical Skills Training
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