Alcohol & Other Drugs Question Quest


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Exciting game employs an interactive game-show-style format featuring six different categories.

Players first select the category and point value. Next, the game leader reads the question in the form of an answer, and the players must respond in the form of a question. Question difficulty increases with point value. Enough cards are included to play the game five times without repeating a question.

Set of alcohol and other drugs question-and-answer cards covering six categories:
Drink, Drink, and Be Wary (Alcohol and Health);
I Only Had One (Drinking Problems in Our Society and Alcoholism)
Used as Directed, Will Kill the Customer (Smoking and Health)
It’s Your Dreams (Marijuana, LSD, and Inhalants)
Big Business (Over-the-Counter and Prescription Drugs)
The Other Drugs of Abuse.

Includes: six plastic category heading cards (with hook-and-loop fasteners for attachment to game board), five sets of question-and-answer cards (150 total; 25 for each category), and complete instructions.

Game board sold separately (WA16951(A)G).

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