Anatomical Model Brands

Axis Scientific   A leading manufacturer of value-centric anatomy models, Axis Scientific produces very high quality models at incredibly economical prices. All models made by Axis Scientific are supported by a 3 Year Warranty, and most come with extensively detailed, full color product manuals. Check out the Classic Axis Scientific Human Skeleton, one of our most popular anatomy models!
Anatomical Chart Company Logo   Anatomical Chart Company products are a staple in the industry, and chances are, if you've been to the doctor recently, you saw one of these charts hanging on the wall.  Famous for the Muscular System Anatomical Chart and the Skeletal System Anatomical Chart, Anatomical Chart Company products also range from budget-class anatomical models to a massive array of anatomy charts covering just about every aspect of the human body.
3B Scientific Logo   American 3B Scientific is a premier manufacturer of incredibly high quality anatomical models and is known throughout the world for high standards of excellence.  3B Scientific's Germany-based manufacturing facilities create some of the most detailed anatomy models we carry at, and the 3B Scientific slogan, "Going One Step Further" is something we've all come to expect from the innovation and development of 3B products.  Backed by a 3-year warranty, you can be confident that the higher prices on 3B Scientific products are well worth it.
GPI Anatomicals Logo   GPI Anatomicals offers an extensive line of anatomical models that are ideal for patient education and consulation, as well as for display in offices and classrooms.  All of the GPI Anatomical anatomy models come mounted on a base and are paired with an educational key card that makes quick reference of anatomical parts a breeze.  In addition to human anatomy models, GPI Anatomicals also produces a line of veterinary anatomical models, primarily focusing on canine anatomy and feline anatomy.  The GPI Anatomicals models are a great value at an unbeatable price.
Denoyer-Geppert Logo   Denoyer-Geppert is a Chicago-based manufacturer of unparalleled anatomical models, rivaling all other brands in the industry.  Products ranging from highly-detailed human skeletons featuring life-like ligamentation and musculature, to hand-painted anatomical models of the human liver, human brain, and just about every other major organ studied by students and physicians alike.  All of Denoyer-Geppert's hand-painted anatomical models may take a little longer to ship out, but are autographed by the artist who made it, and are backed by a lifetime warranty on all parts, so are well worth the wait.
Tedco Toys Logo   Tedco Toys are a fun and kid-friendly line of anatomical models that aren't only educational, but also make great displays in offices, classrooms or even in your home.  Tedco Toys offers both human anatomy models as well as several other invertebrate models such as sharks, snails, clown fish, cows and much more.  At unbeatable prices, the Tedco Toys line of anatomy models make great gifts for friends, family and colleagues who are interested in any type of anatomy.
Nasco Life/Form Logo   Life/Form by Nasco brings medical education to a very real-life level with products focused on medical simulation, casualty simulation, birth simulation, and a multitude of other simulation products designed to save lives through education.  The healthcare focus of the Life/Form line is used by nursing programs around the country, as well as in every branch of the military to help keep patients alive, in the hospital or on the battlefield.
Simulaids Logo   Simulaids is a sister company to Nasco, also very focused on medical simulation.  Most known for the Rescue Randy line of simulators, Simulaids products are put to the test by both our military as well as local fire and rescue teams.  The Simulaids casualty simulation line also includes a wide variety of stick-on moulages that resemble all types of wounds and help rescuers learn how to identify and treat just about every injury known to man.