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Studying human anatomy will no longer be tough with the latest editions of body part models from none other than Anatomical Chart Company. Whether you are looking to add human anatomy models to your elementary school or to  your hospitals and clinics, these will not only solve the purpose but ensure that human anatomy need not be left to one's imagination. The experts at ACC offer well-crafted, informative, and fully labeled models of the human brain, the digestive system, eye model, life-size heart model, female pelvis model and others. All human anatomy models by ACC are budget-friendly and made for imparting unambiguous and technically correct medical education and information.

Look no further for an all-relevant selection of human body part models made from durable materials and in well-defined shapes. The models by Anatomical Chart Company are available in life-size and half life-size options. Shop from an exclusive collection of over 50 body part models only at Anatomy Warehouse.

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  1. Budget Brain with Arteries Anatomy Model

  2. SOMSO Muscles of the Foot Premium Model

  3. SOMSO Premium Brain in 15 Parts - Transparent Version

  4. SOMSO Male Genital Organs

  5. SOMSO Premium Brain in 15 Parts

  6. SOMSO Muscles of the Hand Premium Model

  7. SOMSO Complete Digestive System Model - 2/3 Life Size

  8. SOMSO Complete Circulatory System - 2/3 Life Size

  9. SOMSO Premium Heart in 4 Parts - 2x Life Size

  10. SOMSO Deluxe Brain with Arteries in 9 Parts

  11. SOMSO 3x Life Size Premium Eye with Bony Orbit Anatomy Model

  12. SOMSO Human Larynx with Tongue Premium Anatomy Model

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Body Parts - Anatomical Models and Charts

The human body is a complex machine, with all the body parts working together so that we can perform various functions with ease. From simple physical acts like walking to the elaborate performance of our circulatory system, our bodies are powerhouses of operations. To study and understand the human body, one needs a lot of resources.  What makes studying the body easiest?  Anatomical models and charts, of course!

Anatomy Warehouse is one of the largest resources on the web for all things anatomical, with a huge inventory of anatomical models and charts. We have compiled a vast selection of human body part anatomical models and charts, with both individual body part models and models of the entire human body. You can find models of just about any body part here, from individual body parts like the liver, heart, stomach, kidney, joints, and the brain, to models of complete systems of the body, such as the skeleton, circulatory system, digestive system, and many more. If you're looking for something different, you will also find various anatomical charts in this collection, such as charts detailing the human skeleton, respiratory system, brain, vertebral column, muscle structure, digestive system, and so many more. The anatomical models are made from life-like materials for an accurate depiction of various body parts, their structures and their functions.

We carry hundreds of anatomical products, available at the lowest possible prices and backed by expert customer support staff that will make your experience at Anatomy Warehouse the best one ever.