Diseased Anatomy

With these human anatomy models, it’s easy to display the stages and effects of various medical conditions on the body. They are perfect for student demonstrations and learning diagnoses, or for consulting with patients. These high quality anatomical models include such conditions as osteoporosis of the bones, heart models with a bypass or congestive heart failure, a colon model with several pathologies, reproductive health concerns, and more. Find human disease models, human pathology models, medical conditions models and more for the best prices at AnatomyWarehouse.com.

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  1. 4 Stage Osteoarthritis Knee Set Anatomy Model

  2. 4-Stage Osteoarthritis Shoulder Anatomy Model

  3. Osteoarthritis Hand Anatomy Model

  4. Type 2 Diabetes Anatomy Model

  5. Four Stage Vertebrae Set Anatomy Model

  6. Training Model For Female Condom, White

  7. SOMSO Premium Lumbar Spine with Innervation

  8. Wearable Breast Self Examination with Case

  9. Wearable Breast Self Examination

  10. Female Breasts Anatomy Model

  11. Breast Self Examination Model (Three Single Breasts On Base)

  12. SONOtrain Breast Model with Tumors

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Improve Diagnosis and Understanding with Diseased Anatomy Models

Diseases are, unfortunately, a fact of life. No matter how hard we try, it’s impossible to avoid 100% of illness at all times. Fortunately, modern medicine and study of the body has allowed medical professionals a thorough understanding of a number of conditions. At Anatomy Warehouse, we consider it our responsibility to help doctors and those in the medical profession, as well as anyone with an interest in their health. With that in mind, we bring you a variety of diseased anatomy models to observe and study.

This collection includes various high quality models, ranging from hypertension models, breast anatomy model displaying pathologies of the breast, even a model of the AIDS virus up close. Whether you are in medical school or are a practicing doctor, you will definitely find this collection useful. Medical students can uses these models with their studies to gain more in-depth understanding of various diseases that affect the human body and be better prepared in their future career. Doctors will find many uses for this collection including using these medical condition models to help their patients understand the disease that is affecting them. The finest quality materials are used to build these medical anatomy models for a clearer and life-like depiction of the diseases and how they affect the body.

Choose from an extensive range of medical conditions models at the best prices, available every day at AnatomyWarehouse.com. Find a lower price? Contact our support team – We can usually meet or beat our competitors’ prices!