Stands and Displays

If you need a spinal column stand, rolling skeleton stand, hanging skeleton stand, floor display for skeletons, or wall mount spine stands, is your one-stop-shop! Our skeleton stands feature heavy duty hardware and construction to keep your human anatomy skeleton model safe and looking great. Our spinal column display stands can be hung on the wall or used as a floor display for your anatomical vertebral column.

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  1. Space Saver Floor Display Stand

  2. Hanging Skeleton Stand

  3. Pelvic-Mounted Skeleton Stand

  4. Metal Base with 5 Casters for 3B Skeletons

  5. Portable Chart Stand

  6. Stand and Base For Budget Bucky Anatomy Model

  7. Stand For Spinal Columns And Skeletons (3 Parts)

  8. Spine Stand

  9. Carp Skeleton Natural Specimen Anatomy Model, Articulated

  10. Knee Construction Wall Display - Medium

  11. Knee Construction Anatomy Model Showcase

  12. Shoulder Construction Anatomy Model Display Case

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Display Stands for Anatomy Models & Charts

A well displayed chart or an anatomy model will definitely get more attention than one sidelined in a corner. Imagine a beautiful, professionally done 3D human heart model or the classic skeleton model put on a temporary fixture which isn't clearly visible – It’s not of much use, is it? That's why along with our amazing human anatomy models, we offer great display stands so that you can have an hassle-free visual aid.

Our display stands are made from the best materials that will keep the models standing for years to come. Our collection has been specially designed to complement our anatomy models, human skeleton models, medical posters and anatomy charts. There are also floor display stands, spine stands and hanging skeleton stands to save you space while creating a more elegant display.

At Anatomy Warehouse, we have the best prices and best service in the industry.