Muscular Models

If you're looking for just a single muscled anatomy figure, or a comprehensive muscular anatomical torso, Anatomy Warehouse has the widest selection on the web. Our muscled anatomy joints, including muscular hip models, muscular knee models, muscular shoulder models and muscular elbow models, feature detachable muscles and accurately demonstrate the relationship between the muscular system and the skeletal system. From our muscular joint models, we've developed muscular extremities, including life-size muscular arm models, muscular leg models and also half extremity models of the lower leg and lower arm. Anatomy Warehouse's muscled human anatomy figures range from smaller-than-life-size muscular torsos and muscled head and neck anatomy models, to full-size male and female muscular anatomy models. The muscled torso models feature detachable muscles, including the deltoid muscle, pectoral muscle, gluteal muscle, gastrocnemius muscle and more. Several anatomy models are functional and demonstrate life-life movement. We also carry a great selection of muscle fiber models and muscle replica models that make great teaching tools for students and patients.

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  1. Axis Scientific Dual Sex Muscled Human Torso Model

  2. Axis Scientific 9 Part Foot with Muscles, Ligaments, Nerves and Arteries

  3. Axis Scientific 27-Part Half Life-Size Muscular Figure

  4. Axis Scientific Premium Life-Size Human Leg Musculature

  5. Axis Scientific Premium Life-Size Muscled Arm in 7 Parts

  6. Axis Scientific 7 Part Hand with Muscles, Ligaments, Nerves and Arteries

  7. Axis Scientific Hand Model with Deep Layers

  8. Axis Scientific Muscled Shoulder Joint

  9. Shoulder Joint Anatomy Model With Rotator Cuff

  10. 3B Scientific Life-Size Dual Sex Human Anatomy Figure

  11. 3B Scientific Life-Size Dual Sex Asian Human Figure Anatomy Model

  12. Male Muscular Figure Anatomy Model

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Muscular Models Are Strong Teaching Aids

Our body is the most incredible machine in existence.  From the way the joints and bones work together to the incredible range of motion available, it’s no wonder our muscular system is so exciting and attractive to students of physiology or medicine. Want to learn more about the functionality of muscles? Then our anatomical muscle models are for you. We offer a wide range of models of different human muscles such as the head and neck musculature model, muscled legs and arms, even miniaturized versions of our entire muscular system.

We have labeled and life-size models that will make classroom teaching and lectures more effective and detailed. These human anatomy muscle models will also be very useful for patient education.

Guaranteed to make learning more fun and rewarding, the human anatomy muscle models from Anatomy Warehouse are backed by our low price guarantee. We do our best to ensure that your purchase is as hassle-free as possible. Our professionally trained staff will help you find the right model.