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Muscle Replicas

Our muscles take up almost half of our body weight, but many of us don’t understand what they are made of, or what they actually do. This soft tissue is one of the larger building blocks of our body, so it’s vital that medical students and professionals have a full understanding of them. With our collection of muscle replicas, Anatomy Warehouse brings you a variety of options for study. Not sure what you need? Contact our support team for suggestions.

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Muscle Through Your Studies – Muscle Replica Anatomy Models

Muscles are fascinating! Even the origin of the word muscle is interesting. Did you know that the word “muscle” comes from the Latin word musculus, meaning “little mouse?” Etymologists believe this is because the shape of certain muscles, such as the biceps brachii, resembles mice, or because their movements resemble mice moving under the skin.

Composed of protein, our muscles largely operate on an involuntary level. This is somewhat fortunate, considering one of the largest muscles in our body is the cardiac muscle – The heart. Imagine having to think about every beat of your heart! Our skeletal muscles, however, are controlled by us, giving us a tremendous range of motions. Study the microanatomy and details of this fascinating tissue with anatomical models for a more complete understanding of these building blocks of the human body.

We also suggest that customers interested in the muscular system check out our complete selection of muscular system anatomical charts. These detailed charts make a beautiful addition to your office or study area at a bargain price.

With our collection of muscle replicas, Anatomy Warehouse wants to help medical professionals, medical students, massage therapists and students, physical therapists, those working in the fitness profession, and curious individuals understand this incredible structure of the body. Looking for help? Contact our expert customer support team for suggestions.