Muscled Arms

The human arm is an incredible structure. It is comprised of more than 30 individual parts, including bones, joints, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. Many vital muscles make their home in this part of the body, including the biceps brachii, triceps brachii, and the deltoids. It’s no small wonder that students regularly have problems recalling the names of the many small muscles in the hands and forearms. With these fantastic anatomical models, students and patients alike will have a fantastic tool for easier hands-on education. Massage therapists and fitness instructors will also find these a great addition to their studios.

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  1. Axis Scientific Premium Life-Size Muscled Arm in 7 Parts

  2. Axis Scientific 7 Part Hand with Muscles, Ligaments, Nerves and Arteries

  3. Axis Scientific Hand Model with Deep Layers

  4. SOMSO Movement of Muscles in the Upper Arm and Forearm

  5. Life-Size Deluxe Muscle Arm Anatomy Model (6 Parts)

  6. Dissectible Muscled Arm Anatomy Model

  7. Life-Size Internal Hand Structure Anatomy Model

  8. Hand And Lower Forearm Skeleton Anatomy Model With Ligaments

  9. Hand Skeleton Anatomy Model With Ligaments

  10. Human Internal Finger Structure Anatomy Model

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Arm Yourself with Knowledge – Muscled Arm Anatomy Models

Our arm is a fantastic structure. With a variety of muscles, both small and large, the arm can be challenging for students and patients to understand, not to mention the variety of blood vessels, nerves, even bones that occupy this space as well. While skeletons and charts can provide a wealth of information, a hands-on study aid is often the best way to approach such a difficult task. Muscled arm models are a great solution to this conundrum.

Muscled arm anatomy models don’t just feature the muscles of the arm – They also show a number of other structures present in the arm, such as tendons and blood vessels. They’re truly a wonderful study aid for tactile learners. We love the Axis Scientific Muscled Arm Anatomy Model, a popular model that features a full complement of anatomical structures, including the nerves, vessels, tendons, and bone components. Each part is also numbered for easy identification, making this model a great buy.

Many customers find that accompanying models with a detailed chart is the best way to approach a difficult subject, and we love the Muscles of the Arm Anatomy Chart for this purpose. Illustrated in exceptional detail, this chart is a wonderful complement to any muscled arm anatomy model, and makes a great display in a medical office, or even a gym.

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