Muscled Legs

Consider how much you engage the muscles of your leg – You might even be doing it now without realizing it! Our lower limbs are pivotal to not just our ability to move, but our posture, bodily stability, and the ability to lift heavy items safely. In spite of controlling so many major actions of the body, there are relatively few muscles in the leg. For students looking to master their knowledge of this area, as well as for physicians who want to give their patients a fuller picture of the muscles of the leg, an anatomical model of the muscles of the leg can be extremely beneficial.

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  1. Axis Scientific 9 Part Foot with Muscles, Ligaments, Nerves and Arteries

  2. Axis Scientific Premium Life-Size Human Leg Musculature

  3. Foot And Lower Leg Skeleton Anatomy Model With Ligaments

  4. Life-Size Muscular Leg Anatomy Model (7 Parts)

  5. Lower Muscled Leg Anatomy Model With Knee

  6. Numbered Muscular Leg Anatomy Model (9 Parts)

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A Leg Up On the Competition – Muscled Leg Anatomy Models

Imagine dancing without your gluteal muscles, or walking without your quadriceps and hip flexors. You probably can’t! These and many other muscles directly contribute to the movement of your lower body, in a tremendous variety of ways. Beyond simply assisting with movements of the body, the lower limb muscles assist with balance and posture, and help the body maintain stability. Without the muscles of our lower limbs, we would have a tough time getting around and remaining upright.

Interested in studying the muscles of the leg? These anatomical models are a great way to do just that. Muscled leg models allow students and patients a hands-on experience with the major muscles of the leg, including the biceps femoris, rectus femoris, even gluteus maximus. We offer a range of muscled legs, including models that display only the knee downward and models that display the entire leg in life-size proportion. Many of our muscled leg models feature educational materials such as expanded guidebooks, or are numbered for easy identification.

Customers looking for a fuller picture of the leg and its muscles may be interested in our selection of anatomical charts. A fan favorite is the Muscles of the Leg Anatomy Chart, a detailed and comprehensive look at the many muscles of the leg, which looks great in any medical school or physician’s office.

Anatomy Warehouse wants to help you find the perfect anatomy model for you. Contact our expert support team for advice on these or any of our amazing educational aids.