Muscled Torsos & Human Figures

Every movement of our body is controlled by a combination of muscular and skeletal systems working in conjunction. Understanding this incredible interrelationship is paramount to a student’s education, and vital for patients as well. Sometimes, though, a chart simply isn’t enough to display the nuances of the muscular system. With that in mind, Anatomy Warehouse has collected a variety of muscular figures and torsos, allowing students a variety of hands-on study options. There’s no better way to understand the muscles, both deep and superficial.

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  1. Axis Scientific Dual Sex Muscled Human Torso Model

  2. Axis Scientific 27-Part Half Life-Size Muscular Figure

  3. Axis Scientific Miniature Human Muscular Figure

  4. 3B Scientific Life-Size Dual Sex Human Anatomy Figure

  5. 3B Scientific Life-Size Dual Sex Asian Human Figure Anatomy Model

  6. Male Muscular Figure Anatomy Model

  7. Dual Sex Muscular Figure Anatomy Model

  8. Complete Dual Sex Muscle Figure Anatomy Model

  9. Human Female Muscular Figure Anatomy Model

  10. SOMSO Male Muscle Figure - 1/4 Life Size

  11. Female Muscular Figure Anatomy Model

  12. Life-Size Muscle Torso Anatomy Model (27 Parts)

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Flex Your Knowledge with Muscled Torsos & Figures

Our muscular system is incredible, right down to its tiniest sinew. Whether deep or superficial, each muscle contributes to our body’s function. Even more interestingly, scientists can’t really agree how many individual muscles are in our bodies, though we can generally agree that our muscles make up about 30-40% of our body weight. Why is it so challenging to determine how many muscles we have? Many larger muscles can be divided into smaller muscles as well, and many smooth muscles, including the muscles of our organs, can essentially blend in with other muscles. On top of that, there are many tiny muscles whose functions do not directly contribute to our body’s movements, such as the muscles of the pelvic floor and the muscles that control our hair’s movements. It’s a lot of information to absorb.

With these muscled torsos and figures, it becomes much easier to study the major muscles of the body. We offer a range of figures from smaller figures, such as the Axis Scientific Miniature Muscular Figure, to its life size counterpart, the 3B Scientific Life Size Dual Sex Human Anatomy Figure. Both models feature a comprehensive series of major muscles, including features like dissectible arms and legs and many major organs. These figures make exceptional additions to any classroom or medical facility, and are amazing for patient education as well.

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