Advanced Anatomy Kits

With our collection of advanced anatomy kits, students and teachers are able to acquire a variety of useful anatomical models at a great price. Schools seeking to add anatomical models to their classrooms will love the variety in these kits as well. Anatomical models are a great addition to schools, classrooms, medical offices, and more. Learn about the systems of the body with these great 3D models.

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Advanced Anatomy Model Kits

Moving beyond basic study of human anatomy requires a higher level of detail. After all, not every skeletal model shows every feature of bones, not ever skull shows smaller sutures, and not every brain model is in-depth enough. It’s also not always easy to determine what the best models are for someone starting from scratch. We take the guesswork out of selecting a great starting variety for your advanced studies. Classrooms and medical facilities just starting out will also love these sets.

A great option for advanced students is the Advanced Anatomy Model Set. This set is entirely German made to the highest standards, and includes a great variety of quality models. From the included unisex torso with 14 parts to fan favorite Stan the Skeleton, this is a wonderful set at a great price.

We recommend that students of anatomy accompany anatomical models with charts, such as the Systems of the Body Anatomy Chart Set. This set is a great addition to a classroom, school, doctor’s office, hospital, or even as decoration. Gorgeously illustrated, these accurate and educational charts look great framed.

Anatomy Warehouse is here to help you learn and teach with the best tools. Contact our expert support team with questions about these and other products.