Beginner Anatomy Kits

Starting out in anatomical study can be a challenge – Where to begin? With our beginner anatomy kits, this is an easy decision. Choose one of our great kits to help new students of anatomy and human biology, or encourage kids to learn about the human body. The kits also make great gifts. At Anatomy Warehouse, we want to help you study with the best tools. Our anatomical models make a great addition to hospitals, medical offices, and much more.

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Start Out Smart with Beginner Anatomy Study Kits

Studying human anatomy is a challenge. For those just starting out, making the right choice for study can be daunting, but with one of our beginning kits, the choice becomes much easier. Choosing a gift for a kid that loves science? These kits are great for early study.

With the Starter Anatomy Model Set, science classrooms looking for a basic set or parents looking for a great holiday gift have found what they need. This collection includes a small but anatomically correct skeleton, a life size skull with 8 part brain, an anatomy torso with many removable organs, and a set of educational transparencies. The set is priced well, and ships free for qualifying orders.

These sets are made even more exciting when paired with one of our anatomical chart sets, such as the Blueprint for Health Series Chart Set. This set is specifically designed with young learners in mind, encouraging students to learn about their bodies in a fun and interactive way. When paired with a set of models, this series becomes even more exciting. Kids can learn about the human skeleton, muscular system, and a variety of internal systems and their functions.

With Anatomy Warehouse, you know you’ll always get a quality product delivered in a timely fashion with great customer support.