Extremity Kits

Study the limbs of the body in one convenient set with our collection of extremity kits.  Anatomy Warehouse offers the best in anatomical education for all levels, including a variety of kits.  Many orders ship free, and we offer the best in low prices, plus our Money Back Guarantee!

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Anatomical Model Extremity Kits

In studying the limbs of the body, anatomical models and charts can be very useful.  At Anatomy Warehouse, we love helping customers locate just the right anatomical model for their studies.  After all, medical students and patients overwhelmingly respond positively to the addition of anatomical models to their study. Whether learning about the movements of the knee or about the tiniest of bones in the foot, anatomical models of the limbs of the body are useful for study. 

Our extremity kits include a variety of models, including functional anatomical models of the shoulder joint or the loose ankle and foot skeleton anatomy model, mini knee joint models, hip joint models, elbow joint models and others, all backed by our money-back guarantee. We also have complete leg anatomy models and complete arm anatomy models in this diverse collection.

We are your go-to store for all  human anatomy models.  Anatomy Warehouse offers the best anatomical study models and charts at the best prices every day. Our exceptional service will keep you coming back!