Intermediate Anatomy Kits

High school students will find our collection of intermediate anatomy kits to be useful to their studies of the human body. These kits focus on general anatomy, but go into further detail from the beginner kits. These sets are wonderful additions to classrooms, and are engaging for students to observe and interact with. These kits also make great gifts for students looking ahead to medical school, or for medical facilities operating on a budget that want a good introductory set for patient education.

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Intermediate Anatomy Study Kits

The study of anatomy is greatly improved with the use of 3D anatomical replicas, from skull to tarsal bones. Those who learn best through tactile methods, especially, will love our collection of anatomical models. For those who want to get a good starter kit at a slightly more advanced study level than our beginner anatomy kits collection, the intermediate selection is a great starting point. These sets also make great additions to basic human anatomy classes, and high school science classrooms.

The Intermediate Anatomy Model Set is a particularly great example of this. Including a life size skeleton, a detailed torso, a brain model, and a set of transparencies, this is a wonderful study aid for high school students, and has a great price point. Undergraduate students will also find this set to be useful for their studies in general anatomy. Axis Scientific's Classic Human Skeleton will provide years of skeletal education for those looking for a basic skeleton.

We recommend that students of anatomy accompany anatomical models with charts, such as the Systems of the Body Anatomy Chart Set. This set is a great addition to a classroom, school, doctor’s office, hospital, or even as decoration. Gorgeously illustrated, these accurate and educational charts look great framed.

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