Teeth Models

Anatomy Warehouse offers a full collection of anatomical models of the teeth, including individual teeth, dental morphology series, and tooth brushing models.  Many have removable teeth for a variety of features for study.  With our variety of anatomical models and charts, you're sure to find just what you're looking for.  Students, educators, and working physicians will find a perfect model for their purposes in our collection.  Many orders ship free!

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  1. Giant Three Root Molar Anatomy Model

  2. Dental Morphology Series Anatomy Model

  3. Classic Tooth Anatomy Model Series

  4. Teeth And Jaw Development Anatomy Model

  5. Giant Molar Anatomy Model With Dental Caries

  6. Giant Hands On Childs Jaw Anatomy Model

  7. Giant Hands On Adult Jaw Anatomy Model

  8. Dentition Development Anatomy Model On Stand

  9. Upper Triple-Root Molar Tooth Anatomy Model

  10. Clear Human Jaw with Teeth Anatomy Model

  11. Giant Dental Care Anatomy Model

  12. TMJ Clear Skull Anatomy Model

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Anatomy of the Teeth

Human beings, like other mammals, are diphyodont, meaning we develop two sets of teeth.  Our primary teeth, or baby teeth, begin developing in our infancy, with our permanent teeth coming in later and replacing them.  Our  teeth are among our most long-lasting features, and, even after death, take a very long time to fall apart.  Study of the teeth is very important, not just to dentists, but to other physicians, as well!

A great model for students, as well as for patient education, is the Clear Human Jaw Anatomical Model.  With this model, students and patients can observe teeth in a healthy and unhealthy state.  The diseased teeth display several pathologies, such as periodontal disease, lateral abscess, impacted canine, erosion, fractured tooth, root canal with crown, and fractured root.  The model is great for dental students and patient education, and is accompanied by an educational card.

For a more advanced option, we recommend checking out the Teeth and Jaw Development Anatomy Model.  The series is a clear example of the development of the human teeth and jaw.  It is handcrafted individually, making it perfect for students and physicians interested in a unique and involved example of dental development.

Anatomy Warehouse offers the best in anatomical education, no matter your specialty.