Complete Digestive System Models

Put your study of the digestive system together with our complete digestive system anatomy models. Students and patients alike will benefit from these detailed anatomical models. From the mouth all the way to the rectum, these models display the entire system in graphic detail. Great for specialist’s offices as well, these models are attractive for display, with their clear and detailed anatomical features. Find a variety of digestive system models at the best prices every day at

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  1. Axis Scientific Human Digestive System

  2. SOMSO Complete Digestive System Model - 2/3 Life Size

  3. Life-Size 5 Part Digestive System Anatomy Model

  4. Life-Size Human Digestive System Anatomy Model (3 Parts)

  5. Life-Size Digestive System Anatomy Model 2 Parts

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Easy to Digest Information – Complete Anatomical Models of the Digestive System

Every bite of food you take travels through miles and miles of internal structures. From its entry at the mouth, it begins to be broken down almost immediately through the enzymes in saliva. After that, it travels from the esophagus into the stomach, where it is further absorbed into our systems through the gastric acids present in the stomach, and beyond. It’s a fascinating process, and very important for medical students to understand. Patients, too, benefit from a full understanding of the system and its impact on their bodies. With this collection of detailed models, it is easier than ever to educate your patients and students.

A popular customer favorite is the Axis Scientific Complete Digestive System Anatomy Model. Made in graphic 3D relief, this model covers the entirety of the digestive system from start to finish, including several removable parts. Its quality construction is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. Displayed on a baseboard, this model is easy to display and makes a great addition to your anatomy lesson or medical facility.

Students benefit greatly from the addition of anatomical charts as well. We recommend charts like the Digestive System Anatomical Chart, a classic illustration with a variety of information, including details of the stomach walls. The chart looks great displayed in medical facilities and classrooms.

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