Ear, Nose and Throat

Anatomical models of the ear, nose and throat accurately demonstrate the relationship between these organs and assist in patient education and consultation. Child ear models are frequently used to educate parents on chronic ear infections, and are often paired with our human anatomy posters. Individual ear anatomy models range from desk-sized models to giant-sized ears, featuring removable bones and internal organs. Human anatomy models of the nose and sinuses are perfect for working with students or patients with allergies, and many of our larynx models feature functional vocal cords. We also have detailed throat anatomy models. Our bronchial and lung human anatomical models come in a variety of forms, either as single anatomy models or as comprehensive sets including ENT models, heart anatomy models and larynx models.

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  1. Axis Scientific Larynx and Pharynx Disorders Model

  2. Axis Scientific 5-Part Larynx Model

  3. Axis Scientific Neck and Throat Model with Muscles, Veins and Arteries

  4. Axis Scientific Oversized 3-Part Human Ear

  5. Tongue Anatomy Model

  6. World's Largest Ear (3 Parts) Anatomy Model

  7. Human Functional Ear Anatomy Model

  8. Deluxe Eight Part Ear Anatomy Model

  9. SOMSO Human Larynx with Tongue Premium Anatomy Model

  10. Auditory Canal Anatomy Model

  11. Lung Anatomy Model With Larynx (7 Parts)

  12. Giant Functional Larynx Anatomy Model

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Detailed Ear, Nose & Throat Anatomy Models

ENT anatomy is highly complicated. The work of these closely located systems is among the most physiologically important functions in the human anatomy. Also, the very fact that the nose, throat and ears form the 3 out of the 5 sense organs, puts them high on the priority list of any medical student, professor or practitioner.

If you too are interested in learning about or teaching the ENT physiology and anatomy, then we have the most comprehensive collection of ear, nose and throat models. You can choose from individual organ models – ear, nose and throat or the model set showing the relationship among the three.

Anatomy Warehouse's collection is sure to impress both the students and medical professionals alike. Make your sessions with patients as detailed as possible and don't be afraid to go in more depth during your classroom teaching. We carry enlarged ear models, ranging from 3 to 5 times life-size, including the Axis Scientific 3 Times Life Size Human Ear Anatomy Model, bronchus models, basic ear anatomy models, human sinus anatomy models, nose olfactory organ models and others.

Our ENT category is a great resource for an ENT specialist or anyone who wants to become one. Whether you are a student preparing from an exam or a doctor who wants to demonstrate to a patient, you will be assisted perfectly by these ENT anatomy models.

Confidently choose the right ear, nose or throat anatomy model for you today, knowing we’re here to help every step of the way!