Basic Heart Models

When studying the heart, it is sometimes not necessary to have a very advanced model. The major parts and functions of this organ can be displayed in a basic fashion for some purposes, especially those just starting out or those looking for a more general overview. Learn about the cardiac muscle with this collection of models from Anatomy Warehouse. Great for anatomy study, medical professionals, patient education, or even simply decorating a physician’s office.

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  1. Axis Scientific 2-Part Deluxe Life-Size Human Heart

  2. World's Largest Heart Anatomy Model

  3. The Cardiopulmonary System Respiratory Organs Anatomy Model

  4. Heart Of America Plus Anatomy Model With Coronary Bypasses

  5. Giant Heart Of America Anatomy Model

  6. Human Heart Anatomy Model (2 Times Life-Size)

  7. SOMSO Deluxe Heart in 2 Parts

  8. Nonbreakable Life-Size Heart Anatomy Model

  9. Heart Anatomy Model

  10. Classic Human Heart Anatomy Model

  11. Budget Jumbo Heart Anatomy Model

  12. Budget Life-Size Heart Anatomy Model

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Basic Heart Anatomical Models for Study

There’s a reason people refer to the core of something as its heart. Without the heart, we would simply not function. This hollow organ roughly the size of an adult fist acts as the central processing center for our circulatory system, pumping both oxygenated and deoxygenated blood throughout the body. Within its walls, blood is properly routed through a variety of arteries and veins, sending it to every corner of the body.

In spite of its complex functions, study of the human heart doesn’t need to be challenging. With a basic heart model, it’s easy to see the essential functions and design of the human heart. We love the Basic Human Heart for its easily bisected 2 piece design and great detail, especially at its bargain pricing. Its included education card is great for students, and for educating patients, about the compartments of this exceptional organ. We also offer a range of other hearts with various levels of detail. For those looking for more advanced options, we suggest checking out our Multi-Part Heart Models section for additional models.

Anatomy Warehouse wants you to succeed in your anatomical education, and for your patients to be fully informed. If you’re unsure what you need, contact our support team for expert advice.