Multi-Part Heart Models

Advanced study of the anatomy of the heart requires more detailed models. Whether you’re a medical professional looking for a model to display the individual features of the heart to patients or a student who wants more detail in their cardiac study, Anatomy Warehouse has a heart model that is perfect for you. These models also make great additions to your office space because of their combination of detail-oriented accuracy and aesthetic beauty.

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  1. Axis Scientific 3-Part Heart (3x Life-Size)

  2. Heart On Diaphragm Anatomy Model (10 Parts)

  3. SOMSO Premium Heart in 4 Parts - 2x Life Size

  4. SOMSO Model of the Heart with Aortic Coronary Venous Bypass Vessels

  5. Human Heart Anatomy Model With Oesophagus & Trachea

  6. Human Heart Anatomy Model (7 Parts)

  7. Human Heart Anatomy Model (5 Parts)

  8. Heart Model 5-Part

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Advanced Study of the Heart with Multi Part Heart Models

Study of the cardiac muscle is vital to medical students, and a full understanding of its features and functions is just as important for medical professionals. After all, the heart is at the core of our being. It is actually the first functional organ to develop during embryonic growth in humans, and is used to determine an embryo’s date of conception. The human heart is comprised of four chambers, two atria and two inferior ventricles, and is fairly simple in composition. However, when studying the heart, the devil’s in the details, and its many details are easiest to see on a more advanced anatomical model.

We love the handcrafted Heart of America series for its exceptional detail and value. Each model is painted by hand and includes more than 63 individually numbered cardiac structures. Displayed on a beautiful wooden base, this model features hinged portals that allow a unique level of access to the chambers and valves of the heart. Best of all, it includes a lifetime warranty against craftsmanship defects. Because handmade takes time (6-10 weeks for the Heart of America!), and some customers are not able to wait, we offer a full range of readymade models, including the Human Heart in 7 Parts.

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