Vein and Artery Models

Blood vessels are incredibly important to the health of the human body. Without their healthy function, oxygenated blood will not be circulated throughout the body. This comprehensive collection of models will help you understand the two larger types of blood vessels, the veins and arteries. These models are ideal for students in medical education, cardiologists, physicians, and specialists, and make great aids for patient education.

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  1. Vascular Arm Anatomy Model Life Size

  2. Microanatomy Artery & Vein Anatomy Model

  3. Artery/Heart Disease Display Kit

  4. Occluded Artery Model

  5. Arteriosclerosis Anatomy Model On Base

  6. Artery Sections With Blockage Model

  7. Artery Section Anatomy Model

  8. 4 Piece Artery Anatomy Model

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Artery and Vein Anatomical Models

Blood vessels are basically the roads of the body. They give the blood a roadway through which to move, using the force created by the pumping of our heart. Obviously, blockages can stop the “traffic” that is circulation, and healthy veins and arteries mean healthy bodies! For those studying the circulation of the blood, an understanding of the veins and arteries is very important.

We offer a variety of anatomical models displaying these important structures. We love the Occluded Artery Model as a gorgeous visual display of the potential struggle of blood cells through an artery clogged with plaque. This inexpensive but graphic model is a sobering example of the importance of arterial health. Another great example is the Artery Section Anatomy Model, an informative educational aid with several examples of cholesterol build-up in an artery.

For those looking for a beautiful visual display to accompany these startling models, we offer the Veins, Arteries and Capillaries Sticky Chart, a huge anatomical chart displaying the variety of blood vessels in the body. This great chart adheres to any surface for an attractive and informative addition to any office or hospital.

At Anatomy Warehouse, we want you to have the best anatomical study aids available at the lower prices. Contact our support team for suggestions for the perfect product for you.