Microanatomy Models

Get up close and personal with muscle fiber, the tiniest kidney details, even the surface of the human tongue. Microanatomy models help students and patients develop a deeper understanding of the tiniest structures of the human body. Besides being fascinating to study, these models are attractive to look at and can prompt interesting conversation, too, making them wonderful decorations for physician’s offices.

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  1. Human Cell Anatomy Model

  2. Motor Neuron Diorama Anatomy Model

  3. Stages Of Meiosis Model Set

  4. Intestinal Villi Anatomy Model

  5. Animal Cell Structure Model

  6. 3B Microanatomy Eye Anatomy Model

  7. 3B Microanatomy Digestive System Anatomy Model

  8. Microanatomy Liver Model 2 Parts

  9. Bone Structure Anatomy Model

  10. 3B Microanatomy Kidney Anatomy Model

  11. Human Muscle Micro Anatomy Model

  12. DNA Anatomy Model

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Up Close with Microanatomy Models

When studying the body, understanding its structures on a microscopic level is not only fascinating but very useful information. Whether you’re interested in the details of muscle fiber or the internal structure of bone, these models will give you a closer look at the tiniest details of our bodies.

The surface of the human tongue in particular is compelling to observe on a microscopic level. With the 3B Microanatomy Tongue Anatomy Model, it’s easy to see the papillae of the tongue at more than 10 times life size, plus the taste buds at 450 times life size. The base of the model includes a variety of information about the sensory and sensitive innervation of the tongue. The model is also attractive, encouraging up close inspection. This detailed piece is great for dentists to teach their patients about the delicate structures of the tongue, or as an attractive addition to medical facilities and offices.

Dermatologists will find the Human Skin Anatomy Model in 3 Parts a great addition to their practice. This 80 times magnified model of our skin is visually engaging and interesting, not just as a study aid but as a fascinating addition to an office or medical facility. Displaying several areas of skin, including the hand and scalp, this model is great for patient education as well.

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