Male Reproductive Models

The human reproductive system is paramount to our continued existence, thanks to its role in the continuation of our species. The male reproductive system, with its many features, is a complex and incredible system, that can be difficult to study for students, and difficult to explain to patients. With our collection of anatomical models, this becomes much simpler. Choose from a variety of products appropriate to many levels of study. Specialists will also find this collection appealing.

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  1. Axis Scientific 3-Part Male Pelvis

  2. SOMSO Male Genital Organs

  3. Male Pelvis Anatomy Model With Ligaments Muscles And Organs

  4. Life-Size Testicle Anatomy Model

  5. Male Reproductive System Anatomy Model Activity Set

  6. Condom Training Model (White)

  7. Condom Training Model (Black)

  8. Male Inguinal Hernia Anatomy Model

  9. Male Pelvis With Ligaments, 2-Parts

  10. Pelvis Male, 3-Part

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Detailed Study of the Male Reproductive System

Human reproduction is vital to our continuation as a species, and understanding our reproductive anatomy is just as vital to our anatomical studies. Whether explaining the system and its functions to a patient or studying it on one’s own, anatomical models make a great accessory for this study. The male reproductive system’s primary role is to produce and pass on genetic materials to fertilize ovum in the female reproductive organs. The male reproductive system is located largely outside the body and is therefore rather fragile.

For those studying the male reproductive system, anatomical models give an additional dimension of understanding. One model we find especially helpful is the Axis Scientific Male Reproductive Anatomy Model. It is displayed on an easily mounted plaque for clear display. This cross-section model displays the internal anatomical structures of the male pelvis, including the prostate and bladder. It makes a great patient education aid, and is also useful for medical students.

We find that many students and medical offices benefit from anatomical charts, such as the Male Reproductive System Anatomical Chart. The chart is informative and visually attractive, as well as engaging.

At Anatomy Warehouse, we know your education is vital to your success as a medical professional, and with that in mind, we want you to find the best model or chart for your purposes. Not sure what you need? Contact our support team.