Respiratory System

Anatomical models for doctors, students, and patient education. Anatomy Warehouse offers a full selection of respiratory system anatomical models ranging from breathing models to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease models to lung and larynx anatomical models. Many of our anatomical models include numerous removable parts, including removable heart valves, vocal cords, lung segments and bronchial tubes. Our anatomy models are also great for patient education in hospitals, offices and other healthcare institutions.

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  1. Axis Scientific 7-Part Human Lung and Respiratory System (3/4 Life-Size)

  2. Segmented Lung

  3. The Cardiopulmonary System Respiratory Organs Anatomy Model

  4. Lung Anatomy Model With Larynx (7 Parts)

  5. Life-Size Lung Anatomy Model 5 Parts

  6. COPD Model

  7. Diseased Lung Anatomy Model

  8. Basic Lung Anatomy Model

  9. Bronchial Tree Anatomy Model With Larynx

  10. Human Heart Anatomy Model With Oesophagus & Trachea

  11. Pulmonary Lobule Anatomy Model With Surrounding Blood Vessels

  12. Functional Human Larynx Anatomy Model

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Breathe Easy - Accurate Respiratory System Models

Trachea, bronchi, alveoli – What are they? With our collection of models, you will have a better understanding of these and other parts of our complicated and vital respiratory system.  From the lungs to the esophagus, the nose to the larynx, our products will expand your knowledge.

Our models will help encourage student interest and interaction with their incredible detail.  We carry a variety of products, from full reproductions of the system to individual organs.  The Axis Scientific 7 Part Respiratory System Anatomy Model is particularly useful in explaining the workings of the system, with the added bonus of cardiopulmonary organs.  We also offer diseased models, including the excellently priced and detailed Diseased Lung Model.  

These models are perfect for patient education and health centers as well. Your patients will be more comfortable with complicated medical terminology and procedures with a model in front of them.

Anatomy Warehouse's collection of respiratory system models are a great addition to your hospital, classroom, or medical office.  With our low price guarantee and free shipping for orders over $100 in the contiguous US, we know you’ll love us.