Our selection of skin models are ideal for patient education and range from basic budget skin block models to high-end anatomical representations of enlarged skin blocks to pathology of the skin anatomical models. Many of our models are enlarged representations of the human skin, and include human hair and subcutaneous anatomical features. Our skin cancer anatomy models accurately depict the stages of different types of skin cancer and are compact enough to keep on your desk. Our human skin burn models are ideal for students learning how to identify and treat skin burns.

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  1. Human Skin Anatomy Block Model 70 Times Life-Size

  2. Human Skin Anatomy Model (3 Parts)

  3. Skin Normal/Acne Anatomy Model

  4. Skin Burn And Normal Skin Anatomy Model

  5. Human Skin Series Plus Burn Pathologies Anatomy Model

  6. Skin Anatomy Model Activity Set

  7. Human Skin Section Relief Model

  8. Skin Section Relief Model

  9. Skin Section Anatomy Model With Hair

  10. Skin Cancer Stages Model

  11. Acne Skin Anatomy Model

  12. Budget Super Skin Anatomy Model

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Detailed Skin Anatomy Models

Our wide range of anatomical skin models, including detailed models of layers and cross sections, will expand your knowledge.  Our skin models showcase details that you won't find even in the most elaborately designed text books. These skin anatomical models guarantee a rewarding and informative learning experience.

We offer more than just healthy models – Models of various skin conditions and pathologies are available as well, from cancer to acne and beyond.

Looking to save money without sacrificing educational value? Our budget skin model may be just what you need. Skin models are available in a variety of sizes, some up to 70 times life size.  Our skin models will help you understand the human body’s first line of defense.

You can rely on Anatomy Warehouse to get you not just the best quality models but the best deals on skin models and more.