Normal Skin Models

Study the anatomy of healthy skin with a detailed anatomical model.  Anatomy Warehouse offers a full collection of human skin models, illustrating various parts and components of the skin. These models are perfect for students, as well as for patient education purposes. Study this complex layered structure with a detailed anatomical model.  They also make great displays in hospitals, offices, and other healthcare institutions. Anatomy Warehouse has the best customer support in the industry. Not sure what you need? Contact our team for help!

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  1. Human Skin Anatomy Block Model 70 Times Life-Size

  2. Human Skin Anatomy Model (3 Parts)

  3. Skin Anatomy Model Activity Set

  4. Human Skin Section Relief Model

  5. Skin Section Relief Model

  6. Skin Section Anatomy Model With Hair

  7. Budget Super Skin Anatomy Model

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Normal Skin - Anatomical Models of the Skin

Did you know that the average person has between 16-21.5 square feet of skin covering their body?  It is the largest organ of the human body. Its roles include protecting the body from pathogens and fluctuations in heat, as well as keeping nutrients inside the body. The skin is also semi-impermeable to fluid loss, helping to keep us hydrated and retain fluid in the event of burns. Our skin is also one way for our age to be identified more readily, as it loses some of its elasticity as we age.

Studying this structure becomes a lot easier with the addition of a detailed anatomical model. One way to study is with the Skin Section Anatomy Model with Hair.  This model includes details of not just the skin and its internal structure but the nails and hair as well.  The model is blown up so that its microscopic structures can be visible easily.  Dermatologists and estheticians love this model for educating patients and clients.

We typically recommend models be paired with detailed anatomical charts, such as the Skin and Common Disorders Anatomical Chart. It offers information and views of several conditions, like moles, carcinoma, and warts. The chart looks attractive when displayed, and includes a range of information.

Anatomy Warehouse offers the best prices and service, plus our unmatched Money Back Guarantee.  Not sure what you need?  Talk with our expert support staff for advice.