Urinary System

Our selection of urinary system anatomical models is among the most comprehensive on the web. AnatomyWarehouse.com?s selection ranges from life-size kidney anatomy models to full urinary system demonstration models, male pelvic models to full kidney and adrenal system anatomy models. Our kidney anatomical models feature dissectible parts, allowing greater level of study for students, patients and doctors. Comprehensive urinary system models are ideal for urology departments and compliment our full selection of anatomical charts.

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  1. Axis Scientific Kidney with Adrenal Gland (3x Life-Size)

  2. Kidney Anatomy Model With Rear Organs

  3. Right Kidney And Adrenal Gland Anatomy Model

  4. Kidney Anatomy Model With Vessels

  5. Dual Sex Urinary System Anatomy Model (6 Parts)

  6. Free Standing Urinary System Anatomy Model

  7. Kidney Section Model Including Nephrons, Blood Vessels and Renal Corpuscle

  8. Deluxe Left Kidney Anatomy Model

  9. Rear Organs Of The Upper Abdomen Anatomy Model

  10. Kidney Section Anatomy Model (3 Times)

  11. Basic Kidney Section Anatomy Model - 3 Times Life-Size

  12. Basic Kidney Anatomy Model

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Detailed and Accurate Urinary System Anatomical Models

Anatomy Warehouse offers a wide selection of urinary system models, ranging from basic kidney anatomy models to models of the complete urinary system and its functions. Our collection of models has been carefully curated to ensure that our customers are offered only the best. Every model in this collection has a range of features, from dissectible parts to detailed labels for better understanding.

These urinary system models can be used by medical students for comprehensive study and in medical offices for better patient education.

Made from the highest quality materials, these urinary system models illustrate the functioning of the urinary tract very clearly using features such as labels, dissectible parts, and much more. Models such as the Axis Scientific Male Urinary System Anatomy Modell illustrate the entire working of the urinary system, including the kidneys, adrenals and blood vessels, and are free standing for study from any angle. Ideal for urology departments, these highly accurate urinary system models work best with our selection of urinary system anatomy charts.

Shop for urinary system anatomy models at Anatomy Warehouse, where you get the best possible prices and service, plus a money back guarantee.