Multi-Part Kidney Models

The kidneys perform a number of vital roles, including regulation of electrolytes, a strong maintenance of acid-base balance in the body, and regulating the blood pressure of the body.  Studying the kidneys is fascinating, especially when anatomical models are used. Multi-part models are useful for more advanced studies, including medical school and specialist's offices.  Anatomy Warehouse carries a full collection of kidney models and charts to help students and professionals study this structure.

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  1. Axis Scientific Kidney with Adrenal Gland (3x Life-Size)

  2. Kidney Section Model Including Nephrons, Blood Vessels and Renal Corpuscle

  3. Kidney Anatomy Model With Rear Organs

  4. Right Kidney And Adrenal Gland Anatomy Model

  5. Kidney Anatomy Model With Vessels

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Multi-Part Anatomical Models of the Kidney

A proper understanding of the urinary system is important for anatomy students and medical professionals.  It's also important for patients to understand. Between their role in regulating blood pressure and maintaining a healthy balance of acid-base in the body, the kidneys are a vital organ of the body. They also filter the blood, removing waste products and properly routing them to the ureters.  Truly, the kidneys perform many important tasks to keep our bodies healthy, and are very important to study.  Sometimes, a more advanced model is important for a clearer understanding. 

A detailed study of the kidneys starts with a great model, such as the Kidney Anatomy Model with Vessels. Displaying the kidney in full, along with vessels, ureters, and glands, the model is realistically sized, making it a useful study aid for students. It is also a great visual aid for patient education. The front portion of the right kidney can be removed to reveal internal structures as well, for even further study.

We recommend anatomical charts as a great way to supplement your education.  The Kidney Anatomical Chart is a wonderful option, with clear and attractive illustrations by some of the world’s top medical illustrators. It makes a fantastic companion to anatomical models of the kidney.

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