Disarticulated Skulls

Disarticulated skulls allow for a new perspective on the construction of the skull. Students love them for studying the regions of the skull, and some can even be deconstructed like a puzzle for those with a tactile learning preference. We love the colorful Didactic Beauchene Adult Human Skull for its incredible educational value. Detailed and featuring exceptional accuracy, these skulls are an amazing investment for medical professionals as well, as both visual aids for patients and just looking sharp in your office.

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  1. Axis Scientific 22 Part Osteopathic Didactic Human Skull

  2. Axis Scientific 22 Part Osteopathic Natural Bone Human Skull

  3. Axis Scientific 22-Part Disarticulated Life-Size Human Skull

  4. Axis Scientific Sphenoid Bone

  5. Rudiger Anatomie 14-Part Deluxe Demonstration Skull

  6. SOMSO Disarticulated Skull in 14 Pieces - Color Version

  7. Bonelike Human Bony Skull Anatomy Model (6 Parts)

  8. Rudiger Anatomie 18-Part Didactic Human Skull

  9. Disarticulated Female Skull Anatomy Model

  10. Beauchene Skull in 22 Parts

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Anatomical Study Can Be Puzzling - Disarticulated Skulls

Studying the human skull can be a real headache, what with its many small features, fissures, condyles… There’s so much to learn! Not to worry – These incredible skulls with help make studying a breeze. Many students and patients benefit from seeing all of the individual portions of the skull laid out, or seeing a specific bony region on its own. With that in mind, we’re proud to present our disarticulated skull collection.

While it only has a few moving parts, this seemingly simple bony structure actually has a huge number of features, including foramen, canals, concha, fossa, and sutures. With a disarticulated skull anatomy model, it’s easy to investigate even the tiniest details of the human skull. An Anatomy Warehouse staff favorite is the Axis Scientific Disarticulated 22 Part Human Skull Model, a model that is full of amazing features and details. Its detailed and unique puzzle-like construction allows for easy disassembly and reassembly, giving students an incredible hands-on learning experience. It makes a wonderful gift as well, and its extended manufacturer’s warranty makes it an even more excellent choice.

We highly recommend that all students of the skull’s anatomy pair these models with one of our exceptional skull charts for an even more detailed educational experience. Medical professionals also love these charts for display in their offices, or in medical facilities. They are visually engaging to patients and casual observers alike.

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