Painted or Muscled Skulls

When a basic skull won’t cut the mustard, Anatomy Warehouse has got you covered. Our collection of painted or muscled skulls offers the same great features as our basic skulls, but with the added bonus of painted and numbered options, as well as skulls displaying muscular structures. Great for students and patient education alike, we offer a variety of products for everyone. Not sure what you need? Contact our support team for suggestions.

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  1. Axis Scientific Didactic Skull on Cervical Vertebrae with Nerves and Arteries

  2. Axis Scientific 3-Part Life-Size Painted Didactic Human Skull

  3. Axis Scientific Life-Size Human Skull with Blood Vessels

  4. Axis Scientific Painted and Numbered 3-Part Life-Size Human Skull

  5. Bonelike Human Skull Anatomy Model

  6. Deluxe Dental Demonstration Skull Anatomy Model (10 Parts)

  7. Rudiger Anatomie Structured 4-Part Human Skull

  8. Rudiger Anatomie 4-Part Human Skull with Facial Musculature

  9. Rudiger Anatomie Painted and Numbered 4-Part Skull

  10. Classic Painted Human Skull Anatomy Model (3 Parts)

  11. Functional Human Skull Anatomy Model (2 Parts)

  12. Painted Classic Human Skull Anatomy Model

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Detailed Painted or Muscled Anatomical Skulls

The relationship between our skull and the muscles that assist in its movement is complicated – This can be very confusing for students at any level, as well as patients. It’s vital that all those studying anatomy have a strong understanding of this relationship and its many moving parts. With this variety of painted or muscled skulls, students can gain a visual and tactile understanding of this relationship.

For many students starting out, it can be hard to visualize where muscles originate and where they insert, especially in the muscle-dense head and neck. With these detailed anatomical models, finding the relationship between the incredibly powerful muscles of mastication and the mandible is easy, among many others. No anatomical chart can provide the same hands-on aid on its own, but we highly recommend using these skulls in conjunction with one of our incredible anatomy charts for a more complete educational experience. These exceptional skulls make a great addition to medical study settings, massage schools, hospitals, and physician’s offices.

Anatomy Warehouse offers the best in all things anatomical, and backs all of our products with a Money Back Guarantee. We want you to have the best experience every time, and our expert customer support team is here to help you every step of the way. Not sure what you need? Just give us a call!