Flexible Spine Models

The most important feature of the human spine is its flexibility, and this collection of models displays that vital attribute exceptionally well. Designed to display the natural movement of our vertebral column, these models use special cores to allow for repeated movement. Some even include a lifetime warranty against defects due to craftsmanship, making them an incredible investment. Chiropractors love this collection for displaying the movement of the vertebral column to patients, and medical students find them incredibly valuable for study.

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  1. Axis Scientific Didactic Premium Flexible Vertebral Column

  2. Axis Scientific Premium Flexible Vertebral Column

  3. Axis Scientific Painted Flexible Vertebral Column with Femur Heads

  4. Axis Scientific Life-Size Flexible Vertebral Column

  5. Rudiger Anatomie Painted and Numbered Flexible Spine with Ribs and Femur Heads

  6. Bonelike Spinal Column Anatomy Model

  7. Rudiger Anatomie Painted Flexible Spine with Femur Heads

  8. Rudiger Anatomie Ultra Flexible Spine with Soft Discs and Brainstem

  9. Classic Flexible Spine Anatomy Model With Ribs And Femur Heads

  10. Flexible Soft Disc Vertebral Column Anatomy Model With Stand

  11. Painted Deluxe Flexible Spine Anatomy Model

  12. Highly Flexible Spine Anatomy Model With Femur Heads

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Bend It Like Backbone – Flexible Spine Models

The human spinal column is a wonder of the body, allowing for a variety of positions and movements. Many of us may not even realize how many movements are controlled by our spine and its 33 vertebrae. This collection of flexible spines will help students and professionals visualize the way our spines move and flex, from facet to facet.

Anatomy Warehouse has collected a variety of flexible spines, many of which include an extended warranty. Each spine is crafted from durable plastics, allowing for many years of use. One of our most popular and durable models, the Axis Scientific Flexible Spine Anatomy Model, includes a 3 year warranty against defects, making it an exceptional value.

We highly recommend anyone studying the vertebral column accompany these models with one of our vertebral column charts. These graphically beautiful charts make great displays for chiropractors’ offices, medical facilities, and classrooms.

Anatomy Warehouse offers you the best in anatomical education at the best low prices every day. Our expert staff is ready to assist with your questions, and can help you find the perfect product for you. Let us help you find the perfect item at the best price.