Lumbar Spine Models

Like other sections of the vertebral column, the lumbar spine supports much of the weight of the human body, and allows for many movements. Its placement between the thoracic vertebrae and the pelvis makes it like a bridge between the torso and lower body, and its health is vital to our ability to move. The vertebrae of the lumbar spine are characterized by their wide, thick shape, and studying these unique vertebrae independently of the thoracic and cervical sections is very important.

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  1. Axis Scientific Lumbar Section with Sacrum and Spinal Nerves

  2. SOMSO Premium Lumbar Spine with Innervation

  3. Rudiger Anatomie Pelvic Model with Lumbar Spine Muscles

  4. Rudiger Anatomie Lumbar Spine with Herniated Disc

  5. Thoracic & Lumbar Spine with Sacrum

  6. Stages Of Disc Prolapse And Vertebral Degeneration Anatomy Model

  7. Four Stage Vertebrae Set Anatomy Model

  8. 3 Piece Vertebrae Anatomy Model, L2 L3 And L4

  9. Lumbar Spinal Column Anatomy Model With Dorso-Lateral Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc

  10. 5 Piece Vertebral Column Anatomy Model With Sacrum

  11. Human Lumbar Spinal Column Anatomy Model

  12. Deluxe Osteoporosis Anatomy Model

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Study the Lumbar Spine with These Anatomical Models

Our spines are under a lot of pressure every day, especially the vertebrae that make up our lumbar spine. It’s no wonder so many of us have low back pain – This region is constantly engaged by our movements, including the simple act of sitting at a computer. This coupled with the poor posture of so many people can lead to serious issues in the lumbar spine region. Help your patients and students understand the importance of this section of the spine with one of our incredible collection of lumbar models.

The lumbar spine’s uniquely shaped vertebrae give it more stability and strength than other sections of the spine. It is also home to several vital muscles, such as the spinalis, a thick tendon which runs all the way from the sacrum to the neck. This region is especially subject to disc herniation, vertebral degeneration, and nerve pinching.

Anatomy Warehouse offers a range of lumbar spine models, from basic Axis Scientific Lumbar Vertebrae sections to very deluxe models. Chiropractors will find our collection especially useful, but they also make wonderful additions to hospitals, classrooms, even for individual study.

Not sure what you need? Contact our expert support team for advice. Many of our models feature free Ground shipping, extended warranties, and more, and we always offer the best low prices available. Let us be your only source for anatomical education!