Torsos & Complete Human Models

Whether studying the internal organs, the muscular system, or simply want a full survey of the human body, Anatomy Warehouse’s collection of torsos and complete human anatomy models will include the perfect model or torso for you. Students and medical professionals alike will benefit from this selection, with its range of excellent and detailed anatomical models. Appropriate for various levels of study, some are even great for medical education on a graduate level and beyond. These full body models and torsos are an excellent investment.

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  1. Axis Scientific 18-Part Premium Unisex Life-Size Torso with Open Back

  2. Axis Scientific Dual Sex Muscled Human Torso Model

  3. Axis Scientific 27-Part Dual-Sex Life-Size Torso with Open Back

  4. Axis Scientific 16-Part Mini Torso

  5. Classic Human Unisex Torso Anatomy Model (16 Parts)

  6. Mini Desktop Human Torso Anatomy Model (12 Parts)

  7. Budget Dapper Dan Torso Anatomy Model, 14 Parts

  8. Budget Sweet Sue Torso Anatomy Model

  9. (Asian) Deluxe Human Dual-Sex Torso Anatomy Model

  10. 39 Part Multi Torso Five In One Configuration Anatomy Model

  11. 36 Part Multi Torso Anatomy Model Male Female Sexless And Pregnancy Configuration

  12. 33 Part Multi Torso Anatomy Model Three In One Configuration

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Detailed Complete Human Anatomy Models and Torsos

What’s the best way to study the body in full? Working with cadavers is simply not practical in most situations, and illustrations and charts only provide a two dimensional approach to a three dimensional reality. Get that hands-on approach you’ve been looking for with anatomical torsos and complete human models from Anatomy Warehouse.

Our collection is an accurate and complete representation of the human body, from internal organs to muscular structure. With removable organs, labeled features, and life size options available, this collection gives you the best potential for in-depth investigation of the human anatomy.

The Axis Scientific 18 Part Human Torso Anatomy Model is a wonderful and complete anatomical torso, allowing for a variety of studies. This model has the unique feature of an open back with an exposed vertebral column. Even the head can be dissected for further study. It is hand-painted in painstaking detail, and is backed by an extended manufacturer’s warranty. Also included is a detailed torso guide for additional information.

Anatomy Warehouse wants to help you find the perfect study aid for your class, school, or medical facility. Contact our expert support team with any questions about these or other products.