Complete Human Anatomical Models

Anatomical figures featuring varying levels of detail, so you're sure to find the complete human anatomical model for you. From full-size human anatomy models and skeletons with dozens of removable organs and muscles to smaller anatomy torsos featuring dissectible parts, these anatomical models are labeled and ideal for classrooms or large audiences. Many of the comprehensive anatomy models are dual-sex and feature interchangeable genitalia, giving you a broad spectrum of uses. Life-like detail means these are easier and cleaner than working with cadavers, and many come with several year warranties. All of our human anatomical figures come with free shipping if your order is over $100.

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  1. Female Muscular Figure Anatomy Model

  2. SOMSO Male Muscle Figure - 1/4 Life Size

  3. Male Muscular Figure Anatomy Model

  4. Dual Sex Muscular Figure Anatomy Model

  5. Complete Dual Sex Muscle Figure Anatomy Model

  6. Mini Muscular Figure Anatomy Model (1/3 Life-Size)

  7. 3B Scientific Life-Size Dual Sex Human Anatomy Figure

  8. 3B Scientific Life-Size Dual Sex Asian Human Figure Anatomy Model

  9. Human Female Muscular Figure Anatomy Model

  10. Physiological Skeleton Model - Phil

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Study Human Anatomy Better with Our Detailed Models & Skeleton Figures

Studying human anatomy will be easier and much more rewarding with our complete human anatomy models. Forget working with cadavers, our life-like full size human anatomy figures and labeled anatomy models will now make classrooms teaching, patient education and lecturing on human anatomy more effective and less work because there isn’t anything to clean up at the end.

The human anatomical models in our collection accurately represent the real anatomy and have removable organs and labeled structures for a thorough investigation and in-depth learning. Whether it is the muscular anatomy or the skeletal structure you want to study or perhaps get a better insight into the working of various physiological systems, this collection of human anatomy figures will be very useful. We have dual-sex models with interchangeable genitalia for an ever more thorough understanding.

We have models of the torsos and life-size models of the human figures. These are as real as they come! Realistically represented human anatomical structures and life-like organs will keep students interested and patients involved. Just take a look at Classic Human Skeleton (our life-size human skeleton model) and you will know what we are talking about.

Our complete human anatomy models are available in a variety of sizes and are priced diversely with small, basic models under $10 all the way up to our dual-sex, life-size muscular figures that provide a lifetime of learning in classrooms all over the world.

So browse, choose and select and we will ship it to you! Anatomy model orders priced above $100 will qualify for free shipping.

Anatomy Warehouse, your one stop source for human anatomy models, will be happy to assist you find the anatomical model you need.