Dual-Sex Torsos

It’s easy to view the anatomical features of both genders at once with the dual sex torso collection. Each of these high quality models features interchangeable genital inserts for male and female, as well as female chest pieces. These torsos are amazing for undergraduate education, medical training facilities, patient education and consultation, and hospitals. These high quality models will be a great addition to your anatomical studies. At Anatomy Warehouse, we offer the best in science education every day.

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  1. Axis Scientific Dual Sex Muscled Human Torso Model

  2. Axis Scientific 27-Part Dual-Sex Life-Size Torso with Open Back

  3. 39 Part Multi Torso Five In One Configuration Anatomy Model

  4. 36 Part Multi Torso Anatomy Model Male Female Sexless And Pregnancy Configuration

  5. (Asian) Deluxe Human Dual-Sex Torso Anatomy Model

  6. 32 Part Multi Torso Anatomy Model Male Female And Sexless Configuration

  7. 33 Part Multi Torso Anatomy Model Three In One Configuration

  8. 30 Part Multi Torso Anatomy Model Male And Female Configuration

  9. Deluxe Muscle Torso Anatomy Model (31 Parts)

  10. Deluxe Dual-Sex Human Torso Anatomy Model (28 Part)

  11. Deluxe African Dual Sex Torso Anatomy Model

  12. Deluxe Human Dual-Sex Torso (24 Parts)

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Study with Dual-Sex Anatomical Torsos

Studying the anatomy of both genders simultaneously can present unique challenges, but with a dual-sex torso, it becomes much easier. A high quality educational anatomy torso is a great addition to medical students’ study aids. What better way to study the internal organs of the human mid-section than to be able to remove and replace them? Students get a hands-on experience, working with the torso as if the organs are puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly. Patients, too, can benefit from a torso like this in their doctor’s office, and these are great for patient education as well. Dual-sex torsos address the unique issue of learning male and female reproductive anatomy simultaneously.

The Axis Scientific Deluxe Dual Sex Muscled Torso Anatomy Model is a great model in this category. This deluxe torso features removable, hand-painted parts and organs, and is perfect for undergraduate medical studies and beyond. Hospitals and physician’s offices will also benefit from this model’s exceptional detail. Patient aeducation becomes a snap when it’s easy to remove the organs and display them individually, as well.

Anatomy Warehouse is here to help you educate your students, patients, and yourself! Not sure what you need? Turn to our expert customer support staff for advice. We even offer a Money Back Guarantee, giving you peace of mind with each purchase.