Multi-Part Torsos

Sometimes, a basic anatomy torso doesn’t delve into enough detail for appropriate study. In these situations, we recommend more deluxe models, such as our accurate and detailed multi-part torso collection. These detailed works of anatomical art are great for advanced study and observation, including medical school, hospitals, and physician’s offices, as well as great gifts for medical students. Not sure what you need? Contact our excellent customer support team for suggestions.

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  1. Axis Scientific Dual Sex Muscled Human Torso Model

  2. Axis Scientific 27-Part Dual-Sex Life-Size Torso with Open Back

  3. Axis Scientific 18-Part Premium Unisex Life-Size Torso with Open Back

  4. 36 Part Multi Torso Anatomy Model Male Female Sexless And Pregnancy Configuration

  5. 32 Part Multi Torso Anatomy Model Male Female And Sexless Configuration

  6. Classic Human Unisex Torso Anatomy Model (16 Parts)

  7. Mri Human Torso Anatomy Model (15 Slices)

  8. Life-Size Muscle Torso Anatomy Model (27 Parts)

  9. (Asian) Deluxe Human Dual-Sex Torso Anatomy Model

  10. Life-Size Deluxe Human Torso Anatomy Model With Muscles

  11. 39 Part Multi Torso Five In One Configuration Anatomy Model

  12. 33 Part Multi Torso Anatomy Model Three In One Configuration

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Detailed and Accurate Multi-Part Anatomical Torsos

Many of the human body’s primary organs are located in the mid-section of the body, also known as the torso. To facilitate better understanding of this region of the body, anatomical models of the human torso can be utilized easily for hands-on investigation. This promotes a fuller understanding of the body, and is engaging to students and patients on a visual level, as well as a tactile level. Many students find the removal and replacement of the organs assists their understanding of various anatomical features and their placement in the body. For those students and medical professionals who want to display a more advanced torso, we offer this selection of multi-part torso models.

The Knowbody series of torsos is particularly exception, including the Deluxe 23 Part Knowbody Torso, featuring detachable head and hardwood turning base. This intricately detailed piece features more than 20 dissectible structures and 16 detachable parts, placing a heavy emphasis on the internal details of the human body. The head is fully removable, allowing for close up study of the brain, head and neck, plus removable eyeball and its extraocular muscles. This handcrafted model is a work of art, and a wonderful study aid.

With a detailed anatomical torso, students and patients will gain a more full understanding of the human body. Contact our support team for guidance on the right torso for you. Anatomy Warehouse – Your one stop shop for anatomical excellence.