Feline Anatomy

Veterinary students studying feline anatomy will benefit from hands on experience with these great 3D replicas. Featuring a variety of disorders and structures, our feline anatomy model collection features detailed, accurate anatomical models, great for students, medical professionals, even veterinary enthusiasts. These attractive and cost conscious models include educational cards in most cases as well. Every Anatomy Warehouse order is backed by our Money Back Guarantee, plus best prices in the industry.

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  1. Cat Skeleton Natural Specimen Anatomy Model, Flexible Articulation

  2. Cat Skeleton Natural Specimen Anatomy Model, Fixed Articulation

  3. Cat Skull Natural Specimen Anatomy Model, Articulated

  4. Clear Feline Jaw Anatomy Model

  5. Feline Jaw Anatomy Model

  6. Feline Heart / Lung Anatomy Model

  7. Feline Elbow and Shoulder Anatomy Model

  8. Feline Pelvis (Hip) Anatomy Model

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Study with Feline Anatomical Models

Domestic cats have incredibly specialized anatomical features, including teeth that are perfect for killing prey and tearing meat efficiently, ears that allow for directional hearing, and a highly developed sense of smell. Even the tongue of a cat is unique, featuring tiny spines called papillae that help with the removal of flesh from carcasses. It’s no wonder studying the anatomy of a cat is greatly benefited from 3D anatomical replicas, such as the ones in our feline anatomy collection.

The skeletal structure of a common house cat is simply fascinating, and with this Cat Skeleton Anatomy Model on Wooden Base it’s easy to observe the cat in full. Made from a real cat specimen, this skeleton is flexibly mounted on a beautiful wooden base, and looks great displayed. It is a complete skeleton, and allows for display of natural feline movement. This skeleton is also great for comparative anatomy courses.

The feline jaw is especially important to understand, and we offer two options for studying the jaw on its own. The Feline Jaw Anatomy Model is available in clear and natural coloring options. The natural option features a number of pathologies, including fractured canine, periodontal disease, accumulated tarter and plaque, and much more. The jaw can be opened or closed, and is great for studying the jaw up close.

Anatomy Warehouse wants you to ace that test, educate your patients, and satisfy your curiosity for anatomical study. Contact our great support team with any questions about these and our other offerings.