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Veterinary Sticky Charts

Sticky charts look great in veterinary practices. The clear graphics and concise information are easy to read and display beautifully. These professionally produced vinyl adhesive charts are easy to stick and restick, making them a great deal. With topics ranging from canine anatomy to the anatomy of a frog, our veterinary offerings will prove useful to anyone interested in animal anatomy, especially veterinary practices.

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Veterinary Sticky Anatomy Charts

Veterinary practices can benefit greatly from the addition of a sticky chart. Animal anatomy can be fascinating to observe and study, and patients love the clear and concise graphics presented in our sticky charts. The charts are also great decoration for aspiring veterinary students’ rooms or study areas, and are easy to display. Dry erase markers can also be used on their surface, allowing for custom study options and detailing.

A particularly fascinating option is the Dog Muscular System Sticky Anatomy Wall Chart. Detailing the muscular system of our four legged canine friends, this chart is useful for veterinarians who want to help their patients better understand conditions their dog may be facing. Its large size and clear presentation are especially helpful.

For those educating patients, or studying veterinary science on their own, anatomically accurate and informative veterinary models can be very helpful as well. Our range includes a spectrum of animals, including cats, dogs, dolphins, even a goose. With anatomical models, it becomes easier to show patients specific areas of concern. Students also love them for study.

Anatomy Warehouse offers a full range of anatomical education aids, from anatomy charts to models and more. With our great deals and expert customer service, you’re sure to find just what you need.