Animal Cell Anatomy - English Microscope Slides


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The Animal Cell Anatomy - English Microscope Slides are microscope slides from 3B Scientific and manufactured in Germany. 12 Microscope Slides:

1(c). Squamous epithelium, isolated cells from human mouth
2(d). Striated muscle l.s. showing nuclei, striations
3(d). Compact bone and hyaline cartilage t.s., two sections for comparison
4(e). Nerve fibers isolated, fixed and stained by osmic acid to show myelin sheaths and Ranvier's
5(d). Liver of Salamandra t.s., simple animal cells
6(f). Kidney of mouse, t.s. vital stained to demonstrate storage
7(d). Ovary of cat, t.s. showing primary, secondary, and Graafian follicles
8(d). Testis of frog, t.s. showing spermatogenesis
9(e). Salamandra larva, t.s. of skin and other organs selected to show cell division (mitosis)
10(f). Uteri of Ascaris megalocephala, t.s. stained to show meiosis with chromosomes and nuclear
11(f). Salivary gland of Chironomus larva. Giant chromosomes showing large chromomeres.
Stained for DNA after Feulgen
12(e). Ova from Psammechinus (sea urchin). Unfertilized ova, fertilized ova, early cleavage stages.
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