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Axis Scientific Flexible Elbow Joint


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Axis Scientific Flexible Elbow Joint

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Q: Can I order this model in a left elbow version?
A: No, unfortunately this, like all elbow models, is only available in a right elbow version.

Q: Does the model come off the stand?
A: This model is secured to the base with a threaded bolt and nut.  Technically, yes, you can remove it from the base, however we recommend you keep the model securely fashioned to the base to avoid damaging the model.  Keeping it mounted on the base also ensures flexibility is easy to demonstrate.

Q: Are there other products that I should get with this model?
A: This model pairs well with an anatomical chart, such as any of the following charts:

Shoulder And Elbow Anatomical Chart
Joints and Ligaments Laminated Anatomy Chart
The Upper Extremity Laminated Anatomy Chart

Joints Of The Upper Extremities Anatomical Chart
Joints and Ligaments Laminated Anatomy Chart

Many people also like to acquire multiple joint models, to complete their collection.  The Axis Scientific Functional Knee Joint, the Axis Scientific Flexible Shoulder Joint, and the Axis Scientific Flexible Hip Joint all make great additions to your well-rounded joint model collection.  We recommend that users collect models from the same brand to ensure a consistent learning or consultation experience.

Q: I noticed that description mentions "limited flexibility", what does this mean?

A: While this model is considered flexible, you will not get the complete flexibility of a real elbow with this model. The model does feel a bit stiff and you are not able to completely bend the elbow.

Q: Is this model numbered?

A: While this model is not numbered, you can easily view all of the structures of the elbow.

Q: What is the peach colored molding on the model?

A: The peach colored molding actually represents the ligaments on the elbow. This is where they are found on a real elbow.

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Review by Chad
Overall Rating
Don’t get me wrong, the model is great. Very detailed. But what really impressed me was the guide that came with it. Very easy to understand and point out some of the major parts that I needed to learn for class. (Posted on 4/10/17)
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