Torso Models

Axis Scientific Torso Models

Custom prototypes, best-in-class and in sync with the progressive standards of science, Axis Scientific models are of benchmark quality. Offering the same accuracy, efficiency, and detailing in their Torso Models, Axis Scientific provides educators , the ideal teaching materials. This exclusive range includes 27-part Life Size dual-sex torso model with open back, 16-part mini Torso, and an 18-part premium unisex Life-Size torso with an open back.

Each human torso model has been designed to reflect real-life organ placement, function, and inter-connection. These torso models come with removable parts and are perfect to teach or communicate internal anatomy to students  and  patients respectively. All these models have been hand-painted by medical experts. Add Axis Scientific models to your schools, clinics, hospitals, or medical training facilities for a great educational experience or patient consultation.