Complete Dual Sex Muscular Figure Anatomy Model, 33 Parts

Human Musculature Anatomical Model for Medical Education

This Complete Dual Sex Muscular Figure human anatomy model (33 Parts) offers complete human anatomy in a convenient size. This 84 cm high version of our deluxe muscle anatomical figure is a perfect choice for thorough medical demonstrations of human musculature and internal organs where space is a concern. Exquisitely hand-detailed and complete with 33 removable and/or dissectible parts, this anatomical version represents fine quality at a more affordable price. Painted by hand in realistic colors, this human anatomy model comes complete with stand and detailed multilingual product manual.

The Complete Dual Sex Muscular Figure (33 Parts) from 3B Scientific includes the following removable parts:
• 5 arm/shoulder muscles
• 8 leg/hip muscles
• 2-part heart
• 2-part brain
• 2 lungs
• 2-part male and 2-part female genital inserts
• 2-part intestine system
• Detachable breast/belly covering and arms for detailed study
• Almost 400 hand-numbered and identified structures
• Plus more!

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