Shoulder Joint Anatomy Model With Rotator

This shoulder joint model consists of the upper half of the humerus, as well as the clavicle and scapula. Besides showing the musculature of the rotator cuff, the shoulder joint model also shows the origin and insertion points of the shoulder muscles highlighted in color (origin = red, insertion points = blue). The following muscles of the shoulder can be depicted and even detached for a clearer understanding of the shoulder joint: * M. subscapularis * M. supraspinatus * M. infraspinatus * M. teres minor Upon detaching the individual muscles, all movements of the shoulder joint can be carried out, namely: * Abduction * Adduction * Inner rotation * Outer rotation * Raising the arms to the front of the body * Raising the arms to the back of the body * Raising the arms above the horizontal plane and “making circles with the arms” The shoulder joint model with rotator cuff is set up on a stand for easy display in the classroom or doctors office.

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