5 Ways to Care for Your Feet

Our feet are so often overlooked, but they truly do keep us up and moving every day. It’s vital to take good care of our feet to avoid things like odor, dry skin, and conditions like plantar fasciitis. Simple changes like wearing proper shoes can make a world of difference, but we’ve collected a few quick and easy ways to take good care of your feet and keep them healthy and happy every day.

Taking proper care of your feet is paramount to your health and well-being.
Taking proper care of your feet is paramount to your health and well-being.
  1. Stretch your muscles. Professionals suggest that limbering your feet can help to relieve tension in your muscles and tendons. Try drawing the letters of the alphabet in the air with your toes once a day. This can help loosen tense muscles, and prevent cramping. Another great solution for tension in the feet is to give yourself a foot massage with a tennis ball (instructions below).  Even taking a walk can help relieve muscular tension.
  2. Rethink your footwear. Comfortable, properly fitting shoes are paramount to happy feet, and wearing the correct size can make a world of difference. Experts advise trying on new shoes in the afternoon, as our feet slowly “stretch out” throughout the day and will be bigger after we’ve been on our feet all day. Proper arch support should also be considered. Summer tends to encourage shoes that do not provide proper support, such as flip flops. Be sure your shoes have proper arch support, or limit the amount of time in flat shoes. Socks should also be worn to help keep your feet dry and healthy.

    This anatomy model illustrates the internal structures of a normal foot.
    This anatomy model illustrates the internal structures of a normal foot.
  3. Switch up your shoes. Alternating shoes every other day can also help to prevent odors, fungus, and infections.
  4. Wash your feet. It seems straightforward and logical, but properly washing between your toes and under your feet is vital to their health. This will help prevent athlete’s foot, odor, bacteria, and fungus. After bathing, be sure to moisturize your feet using lotion or cocoa butter to help prevent dry skin.
  5. Give your feet a treat! Especially with the changing of the seasons, our feet become terribly dry and cracked. Ladies, giving yourself a pedicure can be both relaxing and beneficial to your well-being. Start with a gentle foot scrub (we’ve included some recipes below!), then grab your favorite non-toxic nail polish for a splash of color. Gents, you can also enjoy the scrubs – They offer a great way to slough off that dead skin at the end of winter.

Interested in learning more about the anatomy of the foot? Check out AnatomyWarehouse’s collection of foot and ankle models and charts.

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