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Continuing our series of anatomical study aids, we’re excited to introduce, a site full of exciting games to help students of all levels study the human body and its systems.

Created by a science and physical education teacher in Australia, Ben Crossett, Anatomy Arcade offers games of all sorts, including word games, matching games, and the site’s “signature” games, like Whack-a-Bone and Poke-a-Muscle. With the range of game styles presented, it’s easy for any student to find a great study asset that is perfect for their learning style.

Whack-a-Bone, website version.
Whack-a-Bone, website version.

The site also includes a collection of helpful videos, from basic to advanced, that Mr. Crossett recommends for students of anatomy and physiology. A few of the videos in the library are broken links, but the collection is extremely convenient for students and educators alike. We’re especially excited by the collection of Dr. Fabian’s Human Anatomy Lectures, videos that are suitable for advanced students to study and learn from. We even spotted a few of our products in Dr. Fabian’s videos, including the Functional Shoulder Joint model from 3B Scientific.

Bacteria Tower Defence
Bacteria Tower Defence

Another exciting treat from AnatomyArcade is the Whack-a-Bone iPad edition, a reasonably priced app that’s perfect for students of the skeletal system of all ages. The available reviews on the Apple store seem very positive, as well, making this a very exciting port from site to app.

Finally, Mr. Crossett has also developed a series of “Just for Fun” games, including Bacteria Tower Defence, a favorite around the office.

We highly recommend checking out this excellent site. Whether you’re just starting on your anatomical studies or are further along, you’re sure to find a game that is just right for you.

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